Wishdom by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Totally without conflict

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Act of Listening is a miracle, de quality of listening is attention, hier en nu, we are destroying because of not listening.

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  1. J. Krishnamurti First Public Talk in Amsterdam 19 September 1981

    I hope we are thinking together, observing together, as two friends walking along that road and seeing what is around us; not only what is very close, what is immediately perceived, but also what one sees in the distance; because we are taking the journey together, perhaps affectionately, hand in hand, or as two friends amicably examining the very complex problem of life in which there is no leader, there is no guru, because when one sees actually that our consciousness is the consciousness of the rest of mankind then we realise we are both the guru and the disciple, the teacher as well as the pupil, because we are all that, it is all in our consciousness. That is a tremendous realisation. So that as one begins to understand oneself deeply one becomes a light to oneself and not depend on anybody, on any book, on any authority, including that of the speaker, so that we are capable of understanding this whole problem of living and be a light to ourselves.


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